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The Very Good Security (VGS) integration with DyScan enables any mobile app to include a credit card scanning option within its checkout flow.


DyScan Add-on by Dyneti

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Integrate DyScan with VGS by refering to the Integration Resources.

Benefits of Using DyScan with VGS

  • Boosts conversion by 5%, reduces fraud by over 50%
  • Works on all credit card formats
  • Small binary size (1MB)
  • No latency (!)
  • PCI compliant (runs entirely on the user’s device, cardholder data never leaves your app)
  • Quick and easy integration (15 minutes)

How Does It Work?

After integrating DyScan with VGS Collect.js or VGS Collect mobile SDKs, users can enter payment information by scanning their credit card with their smartphone camera. At the same time, DyScan verifies that the card is real and non-fraudulent. This results in a lift in legitimate transactions and a reduction of fraudulent transactions.

Example Use Cases

  • Use DyScan at the point of payment to reduce checkout time and boost conversion by 5%
  • Use data on whether a user scanned their credit card as a powerful fraud feature to distinguish legitimate users from fraudulent ones
  • Use DyScan as a fraud challenge by forcing users in a risk-based manner to scan their credit card. Card scanning can be used effectively against both account takeover as well as stolen credit card fraud, in some cases reducing fraud by over 50%

How to Install the Add-on

Integration is easy and takes under 15 minutes. Please contact the folks at for more information.