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Processing Payments Without Vendor Lock-In

Maximize your margins, gain the freedom to switch acquirers or processors and integrate securely with any third parties. VGS supercharges your growth while eliminating data liability and compliance hurdles.

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Improve Bottom Line

Offer Better Rates

Gain the flexibility to freely switch between acquirers or processors. VGS' alias values allow you to own your data, avoid vendor lock-in and, as a result, choose the best rates for your customers.

Competitive Edge

Expand your business offerings faster than your competitors. VGS permits you to build your products quickly and securely send data to 3rd parties.

Data Leak Protection

VGS has numerous layers of security protecting you from data leaks. If someone accidentally or maliciously leaks data, they will only leak aliases that are impossible to reverse engineer.


Avoid Vendor Lock-In

VGS lets you securely connect with thousands of 3rd party services. When working with payment processors, they lock you in by sending you tokens that only work with their product and make it exceedingly difficult for you migrate your data away from their servers. VGS enables you to work with multiple processors simultaneously to avoid vendor lock-in.



As you expand your service offerings, VGS gives you security controls to drastically reduce your compliance certification time. Because of this, you are able to remain nimble and take advantage of new opportunities quickly. If you are already thinking of expanding into new markets, be sure to check out the compliance certifications we accelerate like PCI, SOC2, HIPAA and GDPR.

See what payment and security influencers say about VGS

See what payment and security influencers say about VGS:

We help customers innovate by making it easier and safer to operate on and share sensitive data.

Security starts here

Visual Data Protection

As your business grows, you will need to store more and more data. VGS is prepared for your future needs and supports a wide-range of data types including passwords, images, SSNs, JSON, XML, HTML pages and more. Mouse over the area below to see an example of how a redacted card might appear.


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Security starts here

How it works

When storing sensitive data on your systems, employees can accidentally or maliciously share customer data through logs, misconfigured permissions, emails or lost devices. VGS protects your data by replacing this sensitive data with alias values. Mouse over the area below to see how we move you out of PII Scope.



Select Card Data You Want to Protect or Share

Customize fine-grained filters based on your system's APIs or select fields from the data you have sent to your VGS sandbox vault. Check the fields below to see how VGS transforms your sensitive data.

Fields to redact

Fields to reveal

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Compliance Certifications

VGS enables your systems to automatically inherit security controls for compliance certifications like PCI, SOC2, HIPAA and GDPR.

Choose Certification

Identity Verification

Run background checks and verify identities without worrying about accidental or malicious exposure of IDs, SSNs or any other PII.

Run Background Checks

Security Standards

We provide you with a security posture and compliance certification controls that withstand assessments from enterprise organizations like Visa and Experian.

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