Bill Payments

Bill Payments Made Safe and Easy

Whether you are making it easy for consumers to claim reimbursements, split bills or pay online, VGS enables you to outpace industry growth without putting consumer data at risk.

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Improve Top Line

16X Faster PCI

Automatically pass over 90% of the compliance controls required to attain security standards like PCI. As a result, achieve PCI DSS Level 1 certification in weeks instead of months.

3rd Party Support

Connect your system with any online 3rd party without bringing your application into compliance scope. This rapidly accelerates Fortune 500 vendor management checks and time to market.

Business Agility

Automatically inherit a security posture that rivals enterprise organizations' while maintaining start-up agility. Our security allows you to change direction without worrying about security costs or time.


Increase Your Margins

Accelerate your time to market by offloading security and compliance to us. VGS handles your security and compliance behind the scenes and takes on your new and ongoing costs like audit paperwork, upgrades, patches, monitoring, integration support and IT burdens.


Instant Integration

Focus on growing your business and let VGS handle the boring stuff. Our platform agnostic security software can be layered onto your existing systems in minutes and can be highly configured. See our technology in action today, create an account now.


Eliminate PCI Data Leaks

Protect your brand by making it impossible for hackers to reverse engineer your sensitive data. By integrating with VGS, you drastically limit your compliance burden and are able to securely send payment data to any acquirer or processor while removing your systems from compliance scope.


Own Your Data

When integrating with payment processors, they lock you in by providing you with tokens that work only with their platform and they make it extremely difficult to migrate your data away from their service. With VGS' universal token solution, you are able to securely send credit cards and other sensitive data to any third party you choose.

Security starts here

Card Redaction Services

VGS redacts sensitive values in your data and replaces them with alias values which correspond to original data. These values cannot be reverse engineered by attackers, but they can be securely shared with third parties you whitelist. Mouse over the area below to see a sample of how a redacted card might appear.


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Security starts here

How VGS Works

When storing sensitive data on your systems, employees can accidentally or maliciously share card info through logs, misconfigured permissions, emails or lost devices. VGS protects your data by replacing your card information with token (or format-preserving) values. Mouse over the area below to see how we move you out of PCI Scope.



Select Card Data You Want to Protect or Share

Customize fine-grained filters based on your system's APIs or select fields from the data you have sent to your VGS sandbox vault. Check the fields below to see how VGS transforms your sensitive data.

Fields to redact

Fields to reveal

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Scalable Pricing

Pay only for what you use. We have pricing packages for start-ups to enterprise businesses and everything in between.

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Compliance Certifications

VGS enables your systems to automatically inherit security controls for compliance certifications like PCI, EI3PA, SOC2, HIPAA and GDPR.

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Security Standards

We provide you with a security posture and compliance certification controls that withstand assessments from enterprise organizations like Visa and Experian.

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