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VGS is a simple, flexible, and powerful solution that enables companies across a variety of industries to get to market quickly and securely.

Card Issuers icon

Card Issuers

Securely run KYC, credit checks and issue (virtual and physical) cards without bringing your company into PCI scope or putting consumer data at risk.

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Personal Financial Management icon

Personal Finance Apps

Protect all sensitive customer data, including personal financial information, customer receipts, bank transactions, credit card information and other PII.

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Identity Verification icon

Identity Verification

Run background checks, KYC/CDD checks and identity verification checks without worrying about accidental or malicious leaks of PII, including SSNs or IDs.

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Bill Payments icon

Bill Payments

Seamlessly integrate with all acquirers and processors while keeping your data secure, owning your customer credit card data and avoiding vendor lock-ins.

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Credential Storage icon

Storing Credentials

Eliminate the risk of passwords, environment variables, private keys or other sensitive information leaking by storing your credentials in VGS vaults.

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Vacation Rentals icon

Vacation Rental Platform

Maintain PCI compliance for you and your property owners while enabling yourself to choose the best payment processor and rates for your customers. Protect customer and client data while facilitating multi-processor integrations.

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Secure Your API

Install VGS to protect your APIs and inherit compliance without code changes. Also retain control of your sensitive data and prevent developers from misusing data you share with them.

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