VGS secures your credit cards and PII

Built by payment and security experts, we make it easy to rapidly achieve compliance (like PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, SOC2) for any company.

Build secure, compliant apps with ease, and eliminate your data liability.

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Inherit Compliance Through Security

VGS lets you outpace your competitors by accelerating your time to market and integrations to third parties while eliminating risk and liability.

No Architecture Changes

With just a simple DNS change, immediately configure your application to secure sensitive data (e.g. PII, Card Data and SSNs) from a variety of payloads including JSON, XML, Images and PDFs.

16X Faster Compliance

VGS removes your applications from compliance scope, dramatically accelerating your time to market. Achieve compliances like PCI Level 2 upon integration or PCI Level 1 within 21 days.

Gain Peace of Mind

VGS takes on the liability of securing your data and eliminates the risk of data breaches. We maintain 24/7 monitoring and incident response as well as utilize best-in-class tools and procedures to secure your data.

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What we do

How VGS Works

VGS eliminates typical attack vectors like accidental logging, malicious employee actions and AWS IAM misconfigurations by separating your sensitive data storage from usage. VGS assigns you an alias value for each of your sensitive data values so you can use your data without risk.

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We help customers build products faster by massively reducing security and compliance scope.