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PCI Level 1

Instant PCI Compliance from $999 per month

VGS is a modern data security solution that moves online systems out of risk scope to achieve rapid regulatory compliance (like HIPAA, SOC2 and more) and mitigate the threat of data breach.

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Zero Data Security Paradigm

$999 per month PCI Package


  1. PCI Level 2 Compliance
  2. Connect to any 3rd party endpoint (e.g. one of Vantiv, Experian or other service provider)
  3. Protect one app (includes one production vault)
  4. Protect HTTP/S Traffic
  5. Compliance Documentation + Policies
  6. Store 500 records free
  7. Easy upgrade to PCI Level 1 (contact us for more details)

Zero Data Security Paradigm

Our "Zero Data" Paradigm for Security

Zero Data is a paradigm that prevents stolen or leaked data by separating data storage and usage logic. VGS products implement this paradigm to make it so hackers cannot steal meaningful data from your systems.

As a byproduct of this paradigm, you can achieve compliance certifications (like PCI, HIPAA, GDPR and others) at a fraction of the cost and time it would take to do it yourself while avoiding the upfront investment required for a mature security posture.

VGS Use Cases

Benefits of VGS' Zero Data Paradigm

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Get More Business

VGS saves you money, time, and the headaches with ongoing audits. We seamlessly connect you to organizations like WorldPay (Vantiv) and Experian to speed up the audit process.

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Low Cost

Pay as you Grow. Avoid the upfront and ongoing investment required to architect and maintain compliant systems while only paying for the compliance and security you need as you grow.

Speed and Agility icon

Speed and Agility

Integrate with VGS in minutes without changing your code. Build features quickly without worrying about security leaks or compliance requirements.

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Instant Compliance

Don’t struggle with complex and evolving compliance. VGS products reduce your compliance tasks by up to 94%, minimizing the strain on your development and IT resources.

High Reliability icon

High Reliability

We process millions of requests daily with an average latency of 15 milliseconds or less. VGS also offers uptime SLAs and enterprise-level performance for customers that need it.

Evolving Security icon

Evolving Security

VGS continuously adds new layers of security while testing and monitoring for threats 24/7. You automatically get access to new features without needing to change your code.

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How VGS Works

When storing sensitive data on your systems, employees can accidentally or maliciously share card info through logs, misconfigured permissions, emails or lost devices. VGS protects your data by replacing your card information with alias values. Mouse over the area below to see how we move you out of PCI Scope.



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We help customers build products faster by massively reducing security and compliance scope.

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