The VGS Vault

Battle Tested
Audited frequently, monitored continuously, and updated constantly, the VGS Vault is not only state-of-the-art but also an uncompromising standard of data vaulting security.
No Data Leaks
With the Vault's Unique Multi-factor authentication controls in place, data is never leaked or compromised at any point either while vaulted or as it passes through endpoints, thus preventing compliance breaches at all stages of data vaulting, tokenization and transfer.
Risk and Liability
With the VGS Vault, you can utilize all the sensitive data you collect but bear none of the risk or liability that comes with sensitive data.

VGS Compliance

All-Certification Compliance
The full certification process is covered for PCI, HIPAA, ISO, and other Compliances. (Other Compliances available upon request)
Full Audit Prep
Full Audit documentation, onsite Employee training, and full logistics and preparation for Annual Compliance Audits.
Fast Auditing
Complete the Auditing process from start to finish in 3 weeks or less.(For PCI audits only).
Employee training and On-site Assistance during the Annual Audit Cycle.
Ongoing reporting and Updates
Monthly and Quarterly Security reporting, testing, and Vulnerability scans as well as round-the-clock Vault upgrades and monitoring to ensure that you stay compliant when new standards are introduced with no effort or forced changes on your part.
All Vendor Management
Full management of all third party auditors and other compliance related vendors all year round.

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Tip: Try it out by adding your own JSON payload.

Secure Veriforms (Beta)

Secure FrontEnd data capture
Custom Form fields with context sensitive data types
Secure Forms across mobile and web Browsers, IOS Apps, And Android Apps

The VGS Proxy

All-Data Security
With one integration, secure all your sensitive data across multiple formats including: Personal Card Data, Card Security Codes, Personal Health Data, Email Messages, Instant Messages, Over-The-Phone Data, Social Security Numbers and more.
No Forced Changes
The VGS Proxy is designed so you never need to change your codebase to adjust. Simply integrate once and you're all set.
All Institutions Included
Interface with any financial, banking, medical or other major institution through our Service-Provider-Agnostic Proxy with no errors or inconvenience.
Effortless Scaling
Through the VGS Proxy Dashboard, you can set the rules and behavior that best serve your use cases and change them effortlessly as your business evolves.
Intelligent Tokenization
The VGS Proxy's unique data redaction and enrichment design enables you to create multiple types of token that allows for everything from anonymized big data processing to Format preserving token types that speed up data and payments processing safely and effortlessly.