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The all-in-one platform for instant payments

Payment Enablers (PSPs, Processors, and More)

About Astra

Astra offers advanced payment infrastructure, powering faster transfers for fintech products, financial institutions, and enterprises. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in San Francisco, Astra’s proprietary, vertically integrated API enables developers to offer real-time payments and accelerated bank transfers with built-in optimizations to reduce risk.

Astra and Very Good Security

VGS has partnered with Astra to provide mutual clients with optimized payments data utility and universal vaulting to support revenue growth, geographic expansion, and PCI compliance. This partnership provides quick and seamless enablement of new payment acceptance use cases, such as:

  • Card Payouts and Disbursements
  • Pay-by-Bank
  • RTP
  • Card Reveal
  • Digital Wallet Provisioning

That work seamlessly and securely with VGS’s Token Vault platform for access to additional payment data services for:

  • Network Tokens
  • Real-Time Account Updater 
  • Card Attributes with PAN Lookups...and much more!

Astra and VGS work together to provide lightning-fast access to instant payment rails - with integrations in as little as a few weeks. For Astra clients setting up a new payment rail, Astra can help onboard VGS as an embedded solution. Additionally, Astra can help current VGS-enabled companies spin up new payment rails even faster.

Use cases

  • Payment Orchestration

    Access all payment rails through a single API, with all backend orchestration pre-built.

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