Zero Data Security & Compliance Solutions for AWS

Join us on our Zero Data Mission! Unlock the value of your sensitive data by eliminating the burden of security and compliance

Zero Data Security & Compliance Solutions for AWS

Increase the value of your sensitive data with Very Good Security (VGS)

With VGS on AWS, you can achieve accelerated compliances like PCI, SOC 2, ISO27001 and unlock the value of your data with a Zero Data Approach.

What is Zero Data?

VGS’ Zero Data captures sensitive information before it touches your servers, then replaces it with aliased versions while securing the original data in our vault. You’re free to exchange and operate on your data to achieve business outcomes without the security and compliance burden.

Build your Core Business, not Data Security Architecture

  • VGS seamlessly integrates with AWS and your environment
  • VGS takes cares of the Shared Responsibility of your customer data
  • Sensitive information is aliased & vaulted
  • Sensitive data is never exposed
  • Compliance scope & data loss are reduced
  • Data ownership & control remains with you

Integrated Compliance Automation

Accelerate audits by 90% with VGS Control:

  • automated compliance workflows
  • prescriptive tasks
  • real-time auditor collaboration
  • automated evidence collection
  • dynamic policy builder and library

Use Cases

PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance

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SOC 2 Compliance

SOC 2 Compliance

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Payment Optimization

Payment Optimization

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Card Issuers

Card Issuers

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VGS and AWS Working Together for Your Benefit

Increase the value of your data

Put your sensitive data on VGS and gain the ability to operate on and share insights.

Build customer trust

Show customers you care about their privacy and use security and compliance as a competitive differentiator.

Future-proof compliance

Put an end to the never-ending compliance cycle.

Compliance without becoming a compliance expert

Get rid of the spreadsheets and checklists

Go to market faster

Skip the months-long journey of building compliant data security infrastructure, audit preparation, and more.

Gain deeper Insights about your customer

Control your data and get an omni-channel view of your customers.