2018 Year in Review

If you’ve ever been told something is impossible or too challenging — transform it into an opportunity. This is what everyone at VGS is doing daily to keep your data secure and your compliance effortless. As 2018 comes to a close, we’d like to reflect on this year’s accomplishments while also looking forward to the new year.

Throughout the year we’ve been focused on making your integration process effortless and maximizing your user experience by improving the clarity and intuitiveness of the dashboard. Take a look at our progress!​

Rule Builder

We gave you the power to create rules, so you can control the types, protocols, conditions and destinations of your data.

Intercom live chat

We added 24/7 live chat support so you can reach us at anytime.

Redesigned dashboard

We designed a brand new dashboard and reorganized the layout - new colors, new fonts, and breadcrumbs in the navigation. The main focus was around simplifying your integration process and maximizing intuitiveness and clarity of your user experience.

Ability to secure data directly from Logs

In order to speed things up and improve accuracy, we’ve added the ability for you to create filters directly from logs, which doesn’t require any manual input.

Access Logs

The Access logs feature now helps you integrate with the VGS product quicker. With this tool you can inspect the Request ID, Path, Method, Status Code and Date of a request and see HTTP requests as they flow through the route.

Remember the Secure Debugger feature we announced at the beginning of the year? This took on a life of its own, merging with Access Logs to deliver a more fluid troubleshooting experience.

Vault Real-time Analytics

We’ve released a Vault Overview page with helpful real-time graphs which enable you to get a high-level overview of traffic going through VGS. There are two charts available:

Upstream Latency chart: displays the average latency of a request to an upstream host passing through the outbound route;

Requests Count chart: displays the number of requests passing through the route.

Access Credentials

We’ve enabled you to leverage VGS Access Credentials to manage/rotate access credentials, create new pairs or deactivate old ones, and send data to third parties faster. Check out the best practices for access credential rotation in our blog post.

 Read the blog post

Key Announcements

Andreessen Horowitz led an $8.5 million Series A funding round for VGS, and its partner Alex Rampell is joining the board. The round also includes NYCA, Vertex Ventures, Slow Ventures and PayPal mafioso Max Levchin.

CB Insights published ‘The future of data security’ report which featured Very Good Security as the only startup that’s an innovator in the Data Custodianship space.

VGS was named as a #SINET16 Winner of 2018 and VGS CEO and Co-founder Mahmoud Abdelkader kicked off the #SINET16 Innovator Showcase for this year’s conference!

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