VGS Show Overview

VGS Show is the way to display sensitive data to an “end-user” without needing to pass through your systems. While securely showing the data, you can fully control the look and feel of the UI. VGS Show also offloads the PCI compliance burden (for specific use cases) by enabling the encrypted transmission of sensitive card data from Very Good Security directly to your cardholder or a PCI compliant processor.

VGS Show is intended to display sensitive data back to end users, and not to your internal team. Revealing data to your internal teams puts you into PCI scope.
VGS Show diagram


PCI Compliant
Fully customizable styles
Value formatting and masking
Image reveal (mobile coming soon)
Copy to clipboard button
Flexible data structure
Fast integration
RTL support

Also, check out VGS Collect for securely collecting sensitive data.

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