VGS Satellite Overview

Build, test, and verify your VGS integration offline

A Zero Data Local Dev Environment for VGS: Download from GitHub

VGS Satellite is a developer tool to help you build, test, and verify your integration with VGS directly from your local machine. The VGS Satellite is easy to install, works on macOS/Linux, and offers you a range of functionality to make your developer experience with VGS better.

Use VGS Satellite to easily transform your requests into suitable configurations that we call routes and build your sandbox integration.

With VGS Satellite you can:

  • Run requests and redact/reveal data on the fly
  • Transform requests into suitable route configurations
  • Create and edit your route configurations
  • Receive API request logs locally, replay and edit requests

Open source

VGS Satellite is provided as an Open Source product under Apache License v2.0. You can visit project page on github and contribute. VGS Satellite’s core depends on mitmproxy. mitmproxy or man-in-the-middle proxy is an interactive intercepting proxy with ton of build-in functionalities and protocol support.

Before you start

The common Integration with VGS is comprised of two steps: securing your inbound and securing of outbound traffic.


Securing Inbound traffic VGS sits between your client’s API and your server collecting any type of data your customer enters. Then sensitive data is replaced with aliases, safe substitute values, and sent back to your systems. With the help of aliases, you securely operate on sensitive data.

Securing Outbound traffic VGS sits between you and third parties using the aliases to securely exchange the data with 3rd parties.