What is it?

VGS Collect.js is a JavaScript library that allows you to securely collect data from your users via forms without having to have that data pass through your systems. The form fields behave like traditional input fields while securing access to the unsecured data.

'VGS Collect.js page'

We are generating a secure iframe for every field you want to secure, in this way all sensitive data is isolated from the application. The library is easy to integrate you need to designate the places where our fields will be inserted and initialize collect form in JS.

Once the fields are initialized VGS Collect.js communicates the state of the fields through JavaScript callbacks. The callback includes a state object that includes information about the validity, focused value and if the user has entered information in the field to allow you to control feedback to your user.

After form submission unsecured data will go through VGS proxy, where you can get tokens and pass them to the endpoint. You should configure the route for specific form fields that you want to protect. For example, if you don’t want to redact let’s say zip code, in this case, you shouldn’t add this field to the filter inside your inbound route.

Why VGS Collect.js?

Anyone involved with the processing, transmission, or storage of card data must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). With VGS Collect.js, your application seamlessly achieves PCI regulations, because no sensitive data hits your servers.

After you’ve collected data using VGS Collect.js and store your sensitive data, you can also easily manage interaction with third parties, without worrying about potential data breaches.

Here is a list of main VGS Collect.js advantages:

  • PCI Compliant
  • Fully customizable styles
  • Input validation
  • Card Brand Identification
  • Mobile-Friendly inputs
  • Accessibility(WAI-ARIA)
  • Any type of fields
  • Add custom data to payload
  • Flexible data structure
  • Fast integration

Browser Compatibility

'VGS Collect.js Browser Compatibility'

To start, proceed to VGS Collect.js integration page.