3rd Party Integrations

Very Good Security integrates seamlessly with major acquirers/processors, issuers, and practically any other service that is connected to the internet.


Our product integrates with all major acquirers/processors, such as WorldPay/Vantiv, Auth.net, Stripe, Visa, Mastercard.

Depending on the Acquirer/Processors process for data transfer we integrate in different ways, done through the VGS dashboard and Rules Engine.

  1. The first way we can do this is for processors/acquirers that have exposed API endpoints. We can transmit information in any structured data format to those endpoints.
    • JSON
    • XML
    • Plain/Text
    • HTML

We can do this as individual requests or batch files.

We support http/s, sftp, ISO 853 among other protocols.

  1. For processors without an exposed API we can transmit data over a secure SFTP (or secure encrypted email or web portal). This includes systems that require file integrity checks such as:
    • parity-bit
    • NACHA file standards
    • checksums

Additionally, we can add certificates to your particular vault to work with certain processors. For example: we add customers .p12 key file for integration with Visa into their environment.


If you’re more interested in issuing cards we also have integrations with issuers/authorizers, like i2c, Marqeta and work with many others.

We do this in a similar way that we integrate with acquirers with the rules engine dictating what sensitive information is segmented away from your systems.

Sending sensitive data to other services

Need to integrate with an insurance agency? Some of the ones our customers are currently using:

  1. Geico
  2. Statefarm
  3. Allstate

Need to verify an identity and perform a credit check? Some of our customers are using:

  1. CognitoHQ
  2. Experian

Need to retrieve telecom account data? Some of our customers are using:

  1. ATT
  2. Verizon
  3. Xfinity/Comcast

Need to integrate with someone not listed or categorized?

We can do it! Our product is endpoint agnostic as long as it is on a network, we can connect (VPN, internet, etc) and secure your data with any service you require sensitive data to be transmitted to in a compliant manner.

Philosophy on Integration

Our main goal is to help you integrate easily with your processor without the processor needing to make any changes in how they receive data from you and without you needing to make any changes to your infrastructure. The same goes for authorizers or any other third party service. We allow you to operate on your data to keep you out of scope and perform all the operations you would need to to send the data to those critical business services that keep you up and running.