Redacted data is stored and managed inside Vaults. Vaults can be created in two different environments - Sandbox and Live. Sandbox Vaults are meant for experimentation and development while Live Vaults are intended for use with production data. You should not use the Sandbox Vault environment for any type of sensitive or production data. Read more on environments here.

Each new Vault comes with a custom domain that adheres to the following default naming convention: https://<vault-identifier>.<environment> More on VGS Vault here.


  • Sandbox is designed for experimentation and development. This environment should not be used for handling sensitive or important data.
  • Live is intended for use in production. Vaults handling sensitive data should be deployed here.

Breakdown of Environments

EnvironmentPurposePCI Level 1 EnvironmentSLA / Uptime GuaranteeTraffic IntrospectionPrice
SandboxTesting and DebuggingNoNoYesFree
LiveProduction DataYesYesNoScalable Pricing Plans