User Permissions

VGS provides multiple permission levels designed for different use cases, applicable both to organizations and vaults within them.

Permission LevelDescription
ReadRestricts platform configuration.
WriteSuitable for most day-to-day operations.
AdminFull access to organizations and vaults.

To change the access level granted to a particular user, visit the Organization Settings tab on the dashboard.

Organization Permissions

View organization details
List organization vaults
Create vaults
Activate organization
Update organization profile
Rename organization
Manage organization users

Vault Permissions

Organization-wide permission levels also affect vaults within the organization in the following way:

View vault details
View HTTP routes
View SFTP routes
Create/update/delete HTTP routes
Create/update/delete SFTP routes
Record & read access logs
View audit logs
Revert route changes from audit logs
Rename vault
Manage access credentials
Manage TLS certificates
Manage advanced settings
Delete vault