Mutual TLS Certificates

This is one of the Advanced features VGS offers. You won’t be charged during your free trial. After Activation of your Organization, for each new TLS connections, you will be billed monthly.

To work with some third partiesc like Visa and MasterCard you may be required to use mutual TLS certificates for authentication, also known as Mutual TLS.

VGS allows you to upload a TLS certificate along with the private key to establish a trusted connection with a third party service.

  • The private key used to encrypt the data over the TLS connection. The encryption prevents the data from being modified while it transits through the network.

'Private Key'

  • TLS Certificate identifies the server and the company associated with the server.

'TLS cert'

Any certificate you upload must be associated with a set of credentials. By choosing the credentials you use to connect to VGS you can control which certificate is used for the connection.

Uploading a TLS Certificate

All your mutuals TLS certificates can be found on the dashboard in the Vault Settings section.

To upload a certificate:

  • Click Add Certificate
  • Provide certificate
  • Provide private key
  • Choose an access credential to associate the certificate with
  • Click Save

Once uploaded, the mutual TLS certificate will appear in the dashboard with appropriate cert description, access credentials, and expiration date. In the preview window, you will be able to see the cert signer.

Deleting a TLS Certificate

To remove a mutual TLS certificate:

  • Go to the Vault Settings section on the dashboard
  • Choose the certificate and click the x icon on the right
  • You will be prompted for confirmation of deletion
  • If you agree, click Remove Certificate button

Please mind, the removing of certificate will lead to it no longer being used for TLS connection with third-party.