Configuring Advanced Settings

To configure advanced settings for your Vault, click the Advanced tab in the Settings on the side menu bar.


Advanced Settings lists all of the preferences, vault specific options, that are available for your Vault and can be set manually.

As of now, the Advanced Settings display the following preferences:

  • Fingerprinting
  • Transparent mode for outbound routes
  • Preserve the host header
  • Intercept CORS

Each of the preferences when enabled, works for all the access credentials that are set for the Vault. Since different credentials can be used for the same Vault, there is a possibility to choose specific credentials when setting a preference.


Each default preference change is followed by an alert. An alert dialog asks you to confirm whether you wish to change the default state. Preference change affects your vault settings and may affect your billing (e.g. disabling Fingerprinting). Click Cancel if you don’t wish to proceed or Confirm to acknowledge the change.

Changing default preference


Fingerprinting is an identification method used to match aliases that were once used for sensitive data. It forms a fingerprint ID that statistically matches the same aliases.

This preference by default is enabled, which means one alias will always be returned for the same value.

Intercept CORS

If enabled, CORS preflight requests, including those with an OPTIONS method, will be intercepted by inbound routes.

Transparent mode for outbound routes

By default, while you are sending a request via VGS, a VGS-request-id and x-forwarded-For headers will be added to your request, this gives us the opportunity to fully monitor the processing of this request, and in case of a malfunction, it makes it possible to detect an error and fix it. With transparent mode enabled, VGS-request-id and x-forwarded-For headers will be excluded from the requests.

Preserve the host header

By default, the value of the "Host" header is replaced by the upstream host value. If enabled, "Host" header will be preserved and based on this the request can be routed with a virtual hosting setup on your web server.

Settings available upon request

SFTP Routes

  • Allows to configure SFTP connections. Create, update and delete the SFTP routes configuration from the Dashboard. For more information please Contact Support.

IP Anonymization

  • Anonymize your traffic. Each outbound request gets a random IP address. For more information please Contact Support.

Chained proxy

  • One or multiple chained proxies can be set up for outbound routes. For more information please Contact Support.

Volatile alias TTL

  • Volatile storage has an expiration of 1hr. Set custom volatile storage time for aliases. For more information please Contact Support.

If you have trouble setting preference or changing the defaults, then do let us know at support@verygoodsecurity.com.