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Individuals and businesses can sign up for VGS online services. To get started, visit the sign-up page at https://dashboard.verygoodsecurity.com.


The dashboard facilitates online management of all aspects of your VGS account. You will use the dashboard for MFA-enabled access, for creation of vaults, for grouping vaults under organizations and for sharing vault access with other user accounts.

To access the dashboard, sign-in with your VGS user account credentials at - https://dashboard.verygoodsecurity.com.


By signing in for the first time, you will be prompted to create an organization. In context of VGS , such organization represents a logical unit designed to group multiple vaults and associate these vaults with user accounts.

Organizations have members. Organization members represent users that have been linked to selected VGS organization. Such linkage, first and foremost, provides means for shared vault access.


Redacted data is stored and managed inside Vaults. Vaults can be created in two different environments - sandbox and live. Sandbox Vaults are meant for experimentation and development. We do not recommend using the sandbox environment for any type of sensitive or production data. Live Vaults are intended for use with production data.

Each new Vault comes with a custom domain that follows default naming convention in the form of <vault-identifier>..verygoodproxy.com.


  • Sandbox
  • Live

We distinguish two kinds of environments where the vaults can be deployed.

Sandbox is designed for experimentation and development. This environment must not be used for handling sensitive or important data.

Examples of data appropriate for storing in the sandbox environment includes:

  • Test card data
  • Fake SSNs

Key characteristics of sandbox Vaults:

  • Vaults can be created and destroyed by the users in real time
  • Free to use
  • Limited storage
  • Bandwidth usage limits
  • Secure debugger for integration testing
  • No uptime guarantee

Live is intended for use in production. Vaults handling sensitive data should be deployed here.

Examples of data appropriate for storing in the live environment includes:

  • Customer card data
  • Employee SSNs

Key characteristics of live Vaults:

  • Vaults provisioned on demand
  • Scalable pricing plans
  • Unlimited storage
  • Secure logger feature unavailable
  • Data stored in PCI Level 1 environment
  • Production SLA

In summary, which environment VGS vaults are created in depends on their use-case. VGS vaults created for experimentation and development belong inside the sandbox. Production ready vaults should be used inside of the live environment.