Managing your Organization

Learn how to Activate your Organization.

As soon as you create a VGS account, we’re automatically creating for you organization and first Vault. You can begin interacting with it in a sandbox environment. All VGS features are available in the sandbox environment, though no live vaults can be created initially. To create live vaults and begin operating on sensitive data, you must first activate your organization.

Activating an Organization

Organization Activation is a simple process: you click on Activate Organization button on the top menu bar and fill in basic information on your profile, company, and add billing details. You will also be asked to enable the multi-factor authentication for better security.

Once, you’ve sent the request to Activate your Organization, you will see Pending Activation status on the dashboard. Usually, activation of an organization takes one business day. activate-organization

VGS collects and maintains this information on all VGS users. The information you provide is reviewed internally to ensure they comply with our terms and conditions. If we need any further information, we’ll get in touch right away.

Creating your first Live Vault

Once your organization has been activated, you can create your first vault in the live environment that is intended for use in production. Sensitive data should only be deployed in a Live Vault environment and not in a Sandbox environment.

To create Live Vault, navigate to the dropdown list on the top menu bar and choose Add Vault. add-vault create-live-vault

Once created, the Vault will appear in the dropdown list with the live-vault-icon Live Vault icon next to it. Now you can create Routes and secure your traffic. Use the routes console to add and manage your routes.

Updating your Personal and Organization information

The information provided by you when activating organization can be edited later on in My Account and Organization Settings in the right drop-down on the top menu bar. Make sure your personal information can be clearly associated with you.

Keeping your account safe

Keep private information private

Your password should be known only to you, and your Access Credentials kept confidentially on your own servers. Your personal password should be unique to VGS. If you use your password on another site and that site is compromised, an attacker could use those stolen credentials to take over your account.

Invite team members to provide others with access to your Organization

You can invite others to your Organization so that they can log in and take actions. Team members are managed in User Access Control that is in your Organization Settings. As of now, you can add members individually.

Enable Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) adds an extra layer of security to your account and is required for the live environment. When enabling, you’ll need to provide an additional unique code from your mobile device to complete the login process—either received as a text message or generated through an app like Google Authenticator or Authy. This means even if someone steals your username and password, they won’t be able to log in. To use this feature go to your Account settings and enable multi-factor authentication.

Beware of phishing

All VGS sites use the domain and are HTTPS. If you get an email from us that you don’t expect, do not click a link in the email.

VGS does send email notifications from time to time and monthly newsletter, so please be sure to check the link before clicking. Just hover on it and look at the URL, - is it actually pointing to a page

If you think your account might be compromised (the password was stolen or MFA device), here is what you can do:

  1. Immediately reset your password clicking “Don’t remember password” on the login form.
  2. Reset your MFA.
  3. Logout from all sessions that ends all active sessions. This feature is available in My Account in the right dropdown on the top menu bar.