Going Live

In order for you to start sending and accepting live data, you will need to go through the following steps:

  • Activate Organization
  • Create live Vault
  • Promote already tested in Sandbox routes to live Vault
  • Reach out to Customer Support to verify your live configurations

Activation of Organization

To activate an organization, click on the Activate Organization button next to your Organization name.

Organization activation is a simple process: you fill out some basic personal profile information, your company information, billing address, and card information. Once you’ve activated your organization, you will have a possibility to create Live Vaults by hovering your cursor over your Vault list and clicking on “Add Vault” then choosing “Live”.

Sandbox vs Live

The Live environment is for functional and working data security solution. However, proceed with caution: all of the changes you make here are real. After completing activation organization process, you will be able to send and accept real data securely.


When you first log in to your activated organization, you will be in the Sandbox Environment using sandbox Test Vault. To start processing live data, you will need to create Live Vault and promote your sandbox routes to this Live Vault.

If you want to test out VGS solution without fear that you’ll break everything a Sandbox is a good place for you. It’s a playground for testing VGS routes configurations. It’s a great environment for developers because you can test without any consequences. You can simulate real-life situations. It allows you to test all possible scenarios without risks.

Please note, sensitive data cannot be used in the Sandbox environment. Therefore, it’s a risk-free and stress-free environment to test out VGS. You can easily modify your settings or even wipe the whole vault if you’d like.

To switch between the Live and Sandbox environments, simply hover your cursor over your Vault list and click on “Live Vault” that has green live environment label.

Routes Promotion

As described above, to promote your Sandbox integration from test mode to live, you will need to ceate/have Vault in live environment. Next, use our YAML feature to do the promotion.


  • The echo server is for the test data only. It’s a security issue using it in Live.
  • Do not use a wildcard (*) as an Upstream Host, this means you trust all of the subdomains. It’s a security issue using it in Live. Indicate only subdomains that you trust.

Verifying Configurations

We take security seriously thus will help you verify whether your set ups work correctly. Please, reach out to our Customer Support at support@verygoodsecurity.com once you’re ready to process live data.

After going live

Use the dashboard to monitor your requests. Keeping an eye on your dashboard analytics (requests and upstream latency) can let you know what might need to be changed.