• If you need to verify your filter configurations or review your rewritten data:

    • Go to the Logs page and enable it. You can view raw/rewritten requests and raw/rewritten responses.
  • If your information is not being redacted:

    • Ensure you have the right payload type selected.
    • Make sure to double-check JSON and XML since they are case sensitive.
    • Ensure you are connecting to the proxy by seeing a VGS-Request-Id header.
    • Ensure you entered the correct path and method and it's on the correct phase (request/response)
  • If your information is not being revealed to third-parties:

    • Ensure the payload you are sending to the third party matches the filter type in the dashboard.
    • JSON and XML are case sensitive - check case.
    • Make sure that you have the correct path and method of the transaction (and it's on request/response phase)
  • Traffic is not going through TCP Tunnel to Third Parties

    • Ensure you are passing credentials.
    • Ensure you have whitelisted that destination (in the Dashboard).
    • Ensure you have the correct server certificate passed or stored as trusted. There are different copies for each environment, sandbox and live.

Getting Help

If you're having a hard time integrating on your own, you may ask for help by dropping us a line at support@verygoodsecurity.com .

Granting VGS Staff Access to Your Organization

If you need to grant VGS staff access to your organization to assist with debugging or configuration, there is support within the VGS dashboard to allow access.

Please navigate to Organization Settings within the VGS dashboard and enable the VGS Support toggle. Doing so allows our support engineers to assist with configuration and troubleshooting.


VGS Staff will never make changes to your organization's configuration without your prior consent.