Getting Started

Creating your Organization

After you’ve signed up for an account and verified it you’ll be asked to create an organization (i.e. the name of your company).


Give it a name, Accept Terms and Conditions, and click ‘Create’.


Creating your first vault

After your Organization is created you’ll be shown this screen. no-vault

At this point you have two options 1.) to create a ‘Sample Vault’ 2.) create a vault you can name.

Let’s start with a sample vault. Clicking ‘Create Sample Vault’ will immediately take you to your new vault, aptly named Sample Vault. sample-vault

Before we go forward to creating rules, let’s check out the other option: ‘Create New Vault’.

Clicking this Option brings you to a new page. named-vault

Since you’re trying this out for the first time, you’ll want to select SANDBOX and give it a name and click ‘Create’.

If you try to select a LIVE Vault you will receive a pop up like below: live-vault-dialog

The LIVE vault is just that, for production/live usage so you would only create this once you’ve tested with NON-SENSITIVE data in SANDBOX.

Create Rules

Now that we have created our vault, let’s create some sample rules. We’ll continue using the ‘Sample Vault’ from earlier.


Click ‘Add Sample Rules’ and you’ll be greeted with this dialog.


Click ‘Create’ and you’ll see rules populate and this new dialog appear asking you if you want to check them out.

Click ‘Switch’ to test the pre-populated rules and move to the integrations tab.


Test Created Rules

We’ve conveniently provided some curl commands that will show you exactly how our rules work.


Copy and paste those curl commands and run in your terminal and see what happens.

NOTE: For the forward proxy curl replace “TOKEN” with the token you receive back from the first redaction curl command.

After you’ve tried this check out our Reverse Proxy and Forward Proxy Integration Tutorials.

Inviting Users

You’ve seen how it works, now invite colleagues to test out the product by clicking the gear icon in the upper left corner of the menu bar.


Remember, all added users can create their own vaults within your organization and try out their own rules in the sandbox environment.

If you need any help contact us on Intercom or by email