VGS Integration Templates

VGS Integrations templates - are pre-configured and checked by VGS configurations with description for securely collect data and integrating with best-in-class third-parties. For example, Visa Direct, Stripe, Authorize.Net, etc. We are constantly improving and adding new templates to provide a better variety of useful integrations.

Use these pre-configured integrations to quickly get up and running. If you don't see the vendor you're working with on the list, we can still support you.

How to use

Go to VGS Integrations on the VGS Dashboard and you will see the list of pre-configured VGS Integrations. You can search Integrations by names.

Integrations List

Select the integration you need, and you will see a description and option to Enable the Integration version or type.

Integration PreviewEnabled Integration

After VGS Integration is Enabled, your Route is created and you can test it by clicking Verify button. To preview the Route you can click on the Integration version or type link.

Integration RouteVerify Integration