Integration Templates

Integration templates - are pre-configured and checked by VGS routes configurations with description for securely collect data and integrating with best-in-class third-parties. For example, Visa Direct, Stripe, Authorize.Net, etc. We are constantly improving and adding new templates to provide a better variety of useful integrations.

How to use

First, you should go to Routes click Integration and select Templates integration method select integration

You will see the list of pre-configured route templates. You can filter by Inbound or Outbound and search templates by names. list of templates

Select the integration you need, and you will see a description and YAML configuration for this template. selected template

After saving, you will be redirected to the Route edit form. At this moment your route is created. You can edit the created route for your needs anytime. route form

Inbound vs Outbound templates

Inbound integration templates - pre-configured inbound routes, usually used for route and protect traffic and sensitive data going to your server. This allows you to securely receive sensitive data from clients and third parties.

Outbound integration templates - pre-configured outbound routes, usually used for authorize and protect outbound traffic from your server. This will allow you to securely send sensitive data to third parties.