Custom Identity Providers (beta)

To use your identity provider - contact us at

What are IdP and SSO?

Identity Provider (IdP) - is a trusted entity which enables usage of Single Sign-On (SSO) to access websites and software that you use.

SSO allows you to manage your user identities in a single place and use one set of credentials (e.g., email and password) to access multiple applications.

Advantages of Using SSO

  • Users don't need to remember and manage multiple passwords
  • Simplify usage of different systems to increase productivity
  • Remove the need for administrators to manage multiple accounts for one user
  • Simplify the security and compliance review process for onboarding new vendors

Custom Identity Providers on VGS

Currently, our dashboard supports SSO via Google. VGS allows you to register your identity provider with SSO to access the VGS Dashboard. We will provide you with a custom URL to use to log in.


Supported Protocols

  • OpenID Connect v1.0
  • SAML v2.0