Audit Logs

Audit Logs show a centralized stream of all user activity within an Organization. Part of the security of any organization is to control and monitor the access of information. Thus, organization admins need to be able to see the detailed audit trail of all activity that happens.

As of now, VGS Audit Logs can be used to view the latest changes to routes, and revert a version to undo certain changes.

audit logs update event

Events Types for Audit Logs

VGS Audit Logs capture the following route specific user activities:

  • Route created
  • Route updated
  • Route reverted

Main Fields for Audit Logs Events

  • Date - time when the event happened
  • User email - email address of the person that made the change
  • Event - the way in which the object was changed
  • Event Action Type - created/updated (the way in which the object was changed)

Diff Snippet

The diff snippet shows the snapshot values of two route versions: the previous version, original, and the new one, rewritten. Both versions are shown in a Yaml format.

Additional Information in Detail View

  • Event
  • Event ID
  • Date and Time ISO8601
  • Resource ID
  • User email
  • User ID
  • User Agent
  • Diff Snippet (full yaml configuration)

Revert Version

Each time a user saves a new sandbox/live configuration of a route, VGS automatically creates a new route version and a snapshot. Reverting allows the user to undo a change by reverting route to some previous version.

audit log updated details
Using the revert version feature doesn't delete any changes; it creates a new version that reverts the effects of a specified change.

When doing a revert, you will see a revert event log and “Event ID” that tells you from which event new version was created.

audit logs revert event