Example Integrations

Each of these example integrations has a README on how to configure them, what APIs were used, what the requirements are, installation instructions and what use case they are demonstrating. They cover several different languages and frameworks, but the principle behind one example (like identity verification in Python), would be the same in Rails or Java, as VGS is language agnostic.

Sample Applications by Use Case and Language

Running web apps to demonstrate inbound and outbound connections to VGS while keeping sensitive data off your system.

NodeJS Travel Booking Example

Travel Booking Example

Python/Django ID Verification Example

ID Verification Example

Ruby/Rails4 Ecommerce Example

Ecommerce Example

Android APK Example(Securing PII and PCI Data)

Android/Mobile Example PII/PCI


Downloadable packages to make outbound configuration even easier.

Java/Spring Framework VGS Package

VGS Spring Package