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No one starts a business out of a passion for security audits. Learn how to get started with security and compliance, for free.


Prioritizing security as a startup feels overwhelming. There are as many suggestions as there are consultants to provide them: should your first hire be a CISO, security engineer, or compliance officer? Should you bring on a consultant or a managed service provider? Should you pursue SOC 2, ISO 27001, or NIST first? What about setting up a SIEM, MDM, or container scanning?

At the end of the day, no one starts a business because they're dying to complete a cybersecurity audit. Security engineering is important, but for startups, it's not as important as delivering an amazing product for your customers. We regularly see businesses rushing an audit when it's required for their first major partnership or sale. Trying to DIY compliance involves hiring consultants, delving through spreadsheets, and a complete stop on business, development, IT, and devops workflows until you meet the security requirements, or the audit is completed. The work only increases over time, as audits are renewed, security practices change, and more tools are needed to manage the complexity. Suddenly, your startup is needing to bring on full time security personnel when it should be focusing on building an amazing product.

Getting Started with Cybersecurity

In collaboration with our audit partners, advisors and industry veterans, we've identified the 18 foundational security controls that every business should implement today. These controls are the most meaningful, technical, and impactful for any business that wants to get started with cyber security. We're making the hard stuff free, because we care about actual security, and not just helping you pass an audit. For these 18 foundational controls, you get security monitoring, automated policy generation, prescriptive tasks, and automated evidence collection for things like secure software development (SSDLC) and network security. In the words of every DevOps engineer reading this, "That's the hard stuff." By starting your business on VGS for free, you can take control of your startup's compliance journey from day one. These 18 controls were developed by security engineers, for developers. That means they provide meaningful, real security in a matter of minutes, and not just a bunch of paperwork.

“We're making the hard stuff free, because we care about actual security, and not just helping you pass an audit.”

By designing your business processes with the Security Foundations Controls, you'll save countless hours down the road when security & compliance become necessary priorities. Since the Security Foundations Controls are aimed at real security, when you actually have to pursue a compliance audit, only the formalities will need to be completed. The Security Foundations Control Collection scales over time as you look to make your security posture official by pursuing a compliance framework like SOC 2, ISO 27001, or PCI.

With the Security Foundations Control Collection, you'll receive:

  • 18 Security Controls

  • 43 Prescriptive Tasks

  • Automated Evidence Collection

  • Automated Security Monitoring

  • Take advantage of VGS Control's free & automated risk management, vulnerability management, and secure software development lifecycle policies to guide your business from day one. As your business grows, you will already have all of your security information in one place, ready to scale to whatever official compliance framework that's right for your business.

A single pane of glass from day one

There are two awesome words you've seen a lot of in this post: free and automated. At VGS, we're your partner in security, compliance, and data privacy. We are a leading security company because of our commitment to providing solutions for complex technical tasks. Control works best when it's paired with the VGS Vault. With VGS Vault, you can alias any sensitive information your startup touches, allowing you to focus on development instead of data privacy. With Vault + Control, your startup will be secure from the ground up, ready to tackle any developing compliance frameworks you may need. Use VGS Vault to de-risk and pump value into your sensitive data, and use Control to prove your security posture to the world.

“There are two awesome words you've seen a lot of in this post: free and automated.”

Get started with the Security Foundations Control Collection and start securing your business today. Getting started now will save you untold amounts of time and money in the future. Start today and get compliant in as little as three weeks.

  • Prescriptive Tasks so you know where to start.

  • Cloud infrastructure and SaaS security scanning.

  • Automated security policy creation.

  • Automated evidence collection for future audits.

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