Centralized Governance and Automated Enforcement

Control is a one-stop solution to accelerate and automate the processes of understanding, implementing, monitoring, enforcing and evidencing compliance.

Simplifying the complex

Seeking Compliance is complex coordination at it’s finest. Going at it on your own means that you’ll need to write dozens of policies, architect your critical technology systems to meet rigorous standards, implement new operational procedures and provide attestation evidence to an auditor. It’s typical for organizations to get sidetracked by months of unplanned work with a DIY approach, or if they pick the wrong partner. Take Control of this complexity with the World’s First Compliance Automation Platform

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Control Automation

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Use Control to monitor your environment and compliance status. Control tracks your security & compliance teams audit progress across frameworks, and continually monitors your environment for changes in compliance status.







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A one stop shop for compliance.

We are a complete solution for all your compliance needs.

VGS-1 Code of Conduct

Employee Handbook

Onboarding Process

Acceptable Use Policy

Ethics Policy

VGS-23 Network Security

Network Firewalls



Traffic Whitelisting


Prod Environments

Code Reviews

Protected Branches

CI/CD Process

VGS-39 Passwords

Password Policy

Complex Passwords

Session Timeouts

Account Lockouts

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