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Build Secure and PCI Compliant Apps with VGS Mobile SDKs

Our mobile software development kits (SDKs) enable you to collect any type of sensitive data from your iOS or Android app without coming into contact with any of that data yourself – simplifying your data security and accelerating your path to compliance.

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VGS Collect SDKs
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Need a more secure alternative to mobile forms?

Our VGS Mobile SDKs allow you to collect ANY data from your app then safely transfer it to ANY third-party integration.

Not just mobile payment information – shipping info, PII, ID/Passport images, login data, and so much more are fully protected by our best-in-class SDK.

This lets you fast-track compliance certifications such as PCI, HIPAA, CCPA, and GDPR.

VGS Show.js Overview

VGS Show.js Overview

Securely display sensitive data in a webpage or your mobile application while safely isolating that sensitive data from your systems and any third-party scripts with our VGS Show.js JavaScript library.

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Need to Protect More than Apps?

VGS Collect SDKs are part of our VGS Collect suite of solutions, which also secures data collected on the web, mobile, email, call centers, and IVR systems.

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Focus on Your App. We’ll Take Care of the Data Security.

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Download the SDK

Create a VGS account. Add the VGS Collect SDK to your project.

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Customize the UI

Customize colors and fonts of secure fields to match your app design

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Collect and secure data

End users put their details into your app. You collect it, fully secured and compliant, and exchange it with any third parties.

Need PCI Compliance? The VGS Platform descopes all your organization’s PCI data and keeps you completely outside of compliance scope, accelerating your path to PCI DSS Compliance.

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VGS Collect SDKs work with any type of data, including ID verification images.
Check out this example of payment card information collected from your mobile app:

VGS Collect SDK illustration

Very Spacy Food is a demo for VGS Collect iOS SDK. This is an example for you to reference.

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Core Features and Functionality

Running a secure online business is a difficult endeavor. With VGS Collect SDKs, you can take advantage of our advanced, fully compliant security posture to build and optimize the secure forms in your iOS or Android apps.

PCI compliant

With VGS Collect SDKs, your mobile app seamlessly achieves PCI regulations instantly, since no sensitive data ever hits your servers.

Card scanning

Let your users capture their card data by just scanning their cards with their phone’s camera.

Flexible data structure

Experience the freedom of defining your own JSON data structure.

Fully customizable styles

Our SDK’s UI elements are easy to adjust and personalize so that they match your app’s color and design.

Connect to any 3rd party

Our native libraries enable your data to be safely routed to any number of third-party integrations - from Ayden to Stripe and more than 200 additional pre-configured connections.

Quick integration

Just a few simple steps are required to quickly start collecting data with the VGS Collect SDKs.

Input validation

All fields come with a set of predefined input rules based on best practices of secure form validations.

Native UI components

Your secure form’s fields are based on the appropriate native iOS or Android field structure.

File upload

Users can upload or take photos of documents, such as ID cards or passports, which will be secured alongside the sensitive data entered into the form fields.

Card brand identification

Each card brand and corresponding icon are automatically identified based on the card number entered into the field.

Add custom data to payload

Securely send additional data together with the data captured through VGS’ secure fields.

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