End-to-End PCI Compliance for Your Call Center with VGS Collect IVR Proxy

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VGS Collect IVR Proxy: Descope Your Call Center with Zero Data Approach

Diagram of a customer calling a call center where the call center is enclosed within VGS IVR proxy.

Running a call center involves collecting a lot of sensitive data, putting your organization in a scope of one or more compliances and increasing your risk of a data breach. With the VGS Collect IVR Proxy, you can collect all the sensitive data you want without ever coming into contact with any of it - effortlessly de-scoping your organization from compliances like PCI DSS.

Our Zero Data approach to IVR security enables you to collect payments data and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) faster and safer than ever without the liability or risk of handling any of it yourself. VGS handles the collection, storage, protection, and exchange of sensitive information you utilize through your call center activites, such as payment processing, loan processing, account servicing, or ID verification. But there's no need for your agents to even touch your customers' credit card data or other sensitive information.

How Typical IVR Systems Work

A regular IVR payment system kicks in after a customer calls your phone support number. They are guided through a series of prompts and the customers give their sensitive data.

Since IVR systems deal with sensitive data, they need to be PCI DSS compliant. This means you have to keep track of how you collect, transfer, and store sensitive data. With DIY solutions, you are responsible to ensure that cardholder data is handled appropriately and that both your hardware and software are compliant with all 12 PCI DSS requirements.

Our Zero Data approach descopes your systems from PCI and VGS shoulders that compliance burden and risk liability for you.

A square image with icon imagery inside with interconnecting lines with IVR in the background.

How the VGS Collect IVR Solution Works

Our IVR solution uses an inbound proxy route to intercept and collect sensitive information during transit and replaces the sensitive data with an alias (next generation type of token) that is sent to your systems. Both the sensitive data and alias are kept in a VGS vault. This means your agents and company never come in contact with the sensitive data - shifting the burden of liability and compliance from you to VGS.

Powered by voice recognition, Dual Tone Multiple Frequency (DTMF) tones, and Automatic Number Identification (ANI), you can avoid touching cardholder data altogether with our IVR solution, and the transfer and storage of that data in VGS vaults are secured.

Cardholder data enters the VGS vault and aliased data exiting to the payment processors.

The Benefits of the VGS IVR Solution for Payment Processing

Our innovative IVR solution provides security and efficiency to both your business and your customers.

  1. Descope from PCI DSS - With VGS' IVR solution, your agents never touch customers' sensitive data - reducing your risk, liability and keeping your phone support out of PCI scope.
  2. Reduce Costs - With VGS, you won't have to invest in engineering resources to build and maintain your own in-house security system.
  3. Improved Overall Business Growth - Integrating our IVR solution frees up your engineering resources, which can be redirected to other projects within the organization.
  4. Easy Integration - Getting up and running is quick. Since VGS uses proxies, simply plug-in our integration to your existing systems and your business can carry on with taking calls while staying out of PCI scope.
  5. Best in Class Data Security - Using the VGS IVR solution provides best in class bank grade security for your sensitive data, automatically incorporates updates, regular penetration and vulnerability testing and eliminates possible data security leaks from the call center. Furthermore, the VGS platform and IVR solution accelerates compliances with other regulations such as SOC2, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and others.