VGS Collect.js

Instantly make any form secure and compliant.

Securely collect any type of sensitive data including payment card data, banking, ACH, ePHI, biometrics, privacy, and identity information without worrying about compliance. VGS intercepts sensitive data before it hits your servers and replaces it with aliased versions while securing the original data in our vault. The form fields behave like traditional forms while preventing access to the unsecured data.

Embed our security infrastructure into your current workstream so you can focus on building the next great product -- while we focus on keeping your data secure and compliant.


VGS Collect.js gives you complete control over the look and feel of your forms, while keeping your systems safe from sensitive data.

Easily build forms with rich styling and input validation for all kinds of data formats, including credit cards, social security numbers, and more.

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VGS Collect JS

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We generate an iframe for every field you need to secure so that any sensitive data is kept separate from your application. Upon form submission, VGS intercepts the sensitive data before it ever touches your systems, replacing it with aliases that you can safely store in your database.

You retain full ownership and control of your data while VGS acts as your data custodian, protecting you from breach risk and instantly providing a best-in-class security posture. This lets you fast-track compliance certifications like PCI, SOC2, HIPAA and more.

In addition to VGS Collect.js, we make it easy to collect data over virtually any protocol (HTTP/S, SFTP, SIP, TCP/IP, and more).

Integration is easy; add a few code snippets and the rest is handled for you. Check out our documentation here.

Our comprehensive data security and compliance infrastructure supports any type of data and can be configured in just minutes.

Diagram of a sheet of paper with the work DATA crossed out entering a laptop screen.

The best way to avoid a data breach is not to hold sensitive data in the first place! VGS’ “Zero Data” mission is focused on letting companies use their data without having to hold it themselves.

Compliance In Days, Not Months

By adopting a Zero Data posture and offloading custodianship to VGS, companies can rapidly achieve compliance certifications.

The best part is that VGS does all the heavy lifting for you. We automate the entire process and sit through the audit for you, so you simply achieve compliance, unlike other solutions that still require you to find an auditor, fill out self-assessment forms, gather your own evidence, and more.

Certifications like SOC2, HIPAA, and GDPR are also much faster compared to DIY or using other tools. VGS is able to fast-track your compliance because no sensitive data ever hits your servers.

Rest assured, however, that you can still send your data to any approved third party without worrying about potential data breaches.


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Data Tokenization

Our best-in-class Data Tokenization enables businesses to securely protect any sensitive data with our extensible Tokenization API. With format preservation and complete data ownership, VGS Data Tokenization allows for maximum flexibility and portability of your sensitive data.

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