Mission, Vision and Values


To protect the world’s information and maximize its utility by transforming data from a liability into an asset.

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Mahmoud giving an interview for TV.


Become the Compliance and Data Security Infrastructure to enable Business Outcomes


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Security First

Security is in our DNA and is the foundation for everything we do.

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Customer Obsessed & Mission Driven

Customers are at the center of everything we do, from product development to design to support. We strive for happy customers, 100% of the time.

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Simple over Complex

We simplify to make products user-friendly, without compromising functionality.

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Ship & Refine

We move fast, building prototypes that work on top of existing solutions, then iterate and refine to perfection.

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Authentic & Resilient

We stay true to our core and treat each other with respect and empathy. We value our differences, discuss challenges, and come together as one in pursuit of our vision and mission.

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Empowered & Distributed

Wherever we are in the company and world, we show initiative, take smart risks, make decisions in the best interest of VGS, and get results.

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