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Internal mobility program

Your career growth is a priority at VGS. We foster talent development, encourage exploring new interests, and promote from within to help you make your career something you love.

Innovation Day

A company-wide event for everyone at VGS to solve any existing challenge - there are no boundaries! The goal is to drive creativity and innovation cross-departmentally. Present your idea and win dedicated time, budget, and executive sponsorship to implement it—not to mention bragging rights.

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VGS employees working at their computer.

Hacker Days

Product innovation is paramount. Regular coding events allow engineers to develop and implement new features that bring value to customers.

Praise program

Employees are encouraged to recognize each other’s achievements, say “thanks” to their colleagues, and empower each other, any time, for any reason.

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Internal knowledge-sharing sessions

VGS employees are super smart and love to share. So many have exclusive skills, knowledge, and background, and this initiative gives the team a chance to grow together.

Chat & Learn

All work and no play makes for a very dull life! We set aside some time once in a while to share what we’re passionate about outside of work, like cooking, dancing, or how to take care of your pets.

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All Hands Meeting

We believe in transparency. The executive team shares updates with employees bi-weekly and leaves plenty of time for a lively Q&A session.

Summer internship program

We believe in opportunity, and in the right environment, people can grow faster. We offer 3-month internships that can lead to full-time employment if it’s a match.

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Up for a Challenge?

We’ve got a challenge for you! Solve our tech puzzle and sidestep the conventional interview process other tech companies use. Can you beat it?

Try the Challenge
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