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Maksym Kulish Maksym Kulish April 28, 2020

Securing GitOps Deployments in AWS EKS

As every engineer knows, software advancements often come with novel risks. Every new technology that aims to ease the ever-increasing demands of IT operations teams also brings new security challenges along with it.

Bohdan Khablenko Bohdan Khablenko October 29, 2019

Building a Fine-Grained Permissions System in a Distributed Environment: Implementation

In a previous article, we discussed how to authorize resource access in a distributed environment and what challenges doing so poses in terms of architecture. In this article, we detail how our engineering team dealt with some of these challenges to build a fine-grained permissions system.

Yuriy Yunikov Yuriy Yunikov February 13, 2019

Building a fine-grained permission system in a distributed environment: Architecture

At Very Good Security (VGS), our seasoned engineering team works hard to successfully solve complex technical challenges - while keeping security our top priority. One of such security challenge is access control to resources we store in the system.

Max Lobur Max Lobur December 4, 2018
DevOps Kubernetes K8s

Kubernetes Multi-AZ deployments Using Pod Anti-Affinity

Very Good Security (VGS) uses Kubernetes, hosted on AWS, to speed up application delivery and optimize hosting costs. A common issue is ensuring replicas are evenly distributed across availability zones making applications resilient and HA.

By default, the Kubernetes scheduler uses a bin-packing algorithm to fit as many pods as possible into a cluster. The scheduler prefers a more evenly distributed general node load to app replicas precisely spread across nodes. Therefore, by default, multi-replica is not guaranteed multi-AZ.