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Peter-VGS-headshot-square Peter Berg September 2, 2019

Introducing Integrations: Do More With Your Data

Anna Kudriasheva Anna Kudriasheva June 11, 2019

VGS Collect: Providing Accessibility for Everyone

Peter-VGS-headshot-square Peter Berg June 6, 2019
PCI Netlify SOC2 Collect
Netlify and VGS logos for hero image

Securely Capture Sensitive Data with VGS & Netlify

Alexandr Florinskiy Alexandr Florinskiy May 15, 2019
secure forms style

Styling Secure Form Fields with VGS Collect

Irina- ziakhor Irina Ziakhor February 4, 2019

How to securely capture your users’ sensitive data with VGS Collect