If you're a developer, or just a sane person, audits suck. We integrated Control and Github to make them better.

Setting up Github to Make SOC 2 & ISO 27001 Suck Less

Stefan Slattery September 24, 2021

Zero to One Building for SOC 2 Compliance

Building for SOC 2 Compliance: A Primer

Stefan Slattery May 7, 2021

Scalable, Sensible, Security Foundations — For Free

Scalable, Sensible, Security Foundations — For Free

Stefan Slattery January 1, 2021


Tokenization vs. Encryption vs. Aliasing - How to Truly Minimize Compliance Risk

Ena Kadribasic October 30, 2019

Netlify and VGS logos for hero image

Securely Capture Sensitive Data with VGS & Netlify

Peter Berg June 6, 2019

Сompliance Academy

Introducing Compliance Academy — A resource to learn about PCI, SOC2, GDPR & CCPA

Gordon Young May 8, 2019