Meet Starlarky!

Meet Starlarky!

Amanda Heinemann January 6, 2022


iOS App Security: 5 Tips to Prevent Sensitive Data Leakage

Dmytro Khludkov October 1, 2020

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Collect Sensitive Data on iOS and Android with VGS Collect SDKs

Irina Ziakhor August 12, 2020


Securing GitOps Deployments in AWS EKS

Maksym Kulish April 28, 2020


How to Develop a Security Mindset: Cybersecurity for Business

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Beefing Up Our Identity and Access Management System (IAM) with One-Time Passwords (OTP)

Ulyana Falach December 3, 2019


Iframes as a Security Feature

Kenneth Geers, PhD November 21, 2019


Building a Fine-Grained Permissions System in a Distributed Environment: Implementation

Bohdan Khablenko October 29, 2019


3D Secure Simplified with VGS

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PostgreSQL Deadlock Monitoring in AWS

Max Lobur June 19, 2019

Prevent a Million Dollar Data Breach with VGS in 10 Minutes teaser image

Prevent a Million Dollar Data Breach with VGS in 10 Minutes

Fang Pen April 2, 2019


Building a Fine-grained Permission System in a Distributed Environment: Architecture

Yuriy Yunikov February 13, 2019


Kubernetes Multi-AZ deployments Using Pod Anti-Affinity

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Best Practices for Access Credential Rotation at VGS

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How to Secure Sensitive Data Sent From Android Apps

Yuriy Yunikov September 3, 2018


How to Achieve PCI Compliance with 3 Lines of Code Using the Spring Framework

Oleg Yatskiv August 20, 2018

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Workstation Management

Gordon Young July 2, 2018