Automate Slack Evidence Collection for Control

July 22, 2021
Automate Slack Evidence Collection for Control

Our #1 most requested integration is live, and you can now link your Slack account to VGS Control.

With the new Slack integration, you can automatically collect and import public Slack channel messages to use for audit evidence when undergoing your SOC 2, ISO or similar assessment.

This provides you with tremendous value in reducing and automating your compliance work. Forget about all the time wasted taking screenshots, organizing those images, and tediously pouring over them to sort them into each corresponding control.

With this new integration, your compliance audit prep will be a much smoother and quicker experience.

Why Integrate Slack with VGS Control?

Organizations that use Slack to approve access to systems or manage incident response need to provide records of those communications to their auditor. It’s often a time-consuming process of message exporting or collecting screenshots. Evidence then needs to be arranged according to the corresponding data security control before being provided to the auditor.

The new Slack integration gives Control users the ability to collect all Channel Slack messages from the last 31 days (from the channels they’ve selected) and automatically attaches those messages as evidence directly to the corresponding control and tasks.

Here are some examples of evidence that you can automatically collect via the Slack integration:

  • Change Management
  • Employee offboarding and onboarding
  • User Access
  • Security Incidents
  • Company-wide communications and more!

By automating your Slack-based evidentiary support like this, you never have to spend time collecting that evidence again manually; saving valuable resources while also reducing the risk of errors or missing important data.

How Do You Integrate Slack?

Ready to integrate? It’s simple.

  1. Link your slack account from the integrations page.
  2. Follow the prompt to allow the VGS Control app to access your public channels.
  3. After giving permission, you can select which workspace to connect via the top right dropdown menu.
  4. After the integration is connected, go back to the Slack integration tile to pick which channels to import. (You may need to press “refresh Slack data” to load the channels for selection)
  5. Hit “Save” at the bottom of the screen to automatically collect and attach evidence to your tasks automatically every 31 days.

To troubleshoot errors and learn more about the Slack integration, read the documentation here.

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